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This area is specifically designed and dedicated to the empowering of

those that lead music departments, music ministries and music

companies.  We endeavor to help all understand the distinction

between the various platform that The Father is allowing to exist and

our personal and ministerial responsibility to them all.  We are not

submitting this information in the form of opinion but rather

scripturally, therefore, we will not participate in debates or any other avenue of dialogue.  First and foremost, our mission here is to help you live and serve well with all holiness and integrity.


We have divided this section into three categories: Church Music Ministry, Music Ministry and Music Entertainment.  These three sections by far classify the lengths and breadth of gospel music.  While the appeal of gospel music has transcended the local church, it cannot be allowed to grow without information and constraints.  The WORD of God is always our comfort and guide.  I think the word guide is self-explanatory but the word comfort may need sinew.  There are some people that feel "called" or "divinely inspired" to exercise their gifts outside of the traditional church norms.  In order for those individuals to practice their gifts in those unconventional areas, they need to hear the WORD of God validate their aspirations and let that WORD become their comfort or confidence when they are attacked by other believers.  Let me be clear, the WORD does not endorse lascivious or crude behavior and neither do we.  We are NOT talking about promoting lust, perversion or self-gratifications.  We must always examine ourselves to be sure we are not being deceived by the powers of darkness in an attempt to tap into some area of our low self-esteem in order to subvert our divine destinies.


In order to help those that lead musical organizations avoid the Luciferian Complex, in or out of the church, we provide information on this site, seminars, workshop and soon will publish books to that end.  The music ministry field is laced with land mines that can abruptly end music ministries and careers.  We want to help you navigate the battlefield so you can hear your Father say, "Well done!"



Preparing You For The World To Come

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