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Music Ministry is the term we use to identify those that have organized a music group outside of the purview of a local church.  They function and flow with full autonomy; developing a structure and order that suit the needs of members as well as the organization.


More than not, these individuals and organizations get their start in the local church, singing in the church choir and then moving on to independent engagements.  The feeling of self-accomplishment can be very overwhelming.  Knowing that there are people appreciating your gifts, creativity and offerings to God is quite humbling.  Because these ministries are independent, there is much more time given to prayer, rehearsal, originality and presentation.  It is that combination, that formula which causes the hearers to connect with them and develop a kinship for these vessels that go above and beyond.  That kingship can range from physical to financial support, affording some music ministry the unique opportunity to full-time ministry.


Again, we have identified this area as MUSIC MINISTRY.  First and foremost to these individuals is the ministry and not the money.  They are known for using their own resources to fund recordings and ministry projects.  They will travel near or far at their own expense and may or may not receive any financial support.  This group is not be looked down upon or taken advantage of; the WORD is clear that a workman is worthy of his hire.  If they are sowing spiritual seeds of encouragement and salvation through the medium of song, it is only right that financial consideration not be taken off the table for consideration.  These vessels spend numerous hours perfecting their gifts and presentations for the body!  Their excellence of their ministry raises them from the hobbyist and their conviction prevents from being classified as an entertainer.   They provide a great service to local and regional churches, being called on for fundraisers, conferences and other special programming outside of the normal church hour.


NOW, all that being said: although your heart may be in the right place, it does not preclude you from obeying the laws of the land!  The vast majority of Music Ministries are ILLEGAL Why?  Because they are not organized on paper, don't have valid bank accounts and operate without oversight of a board of directors.  THAT IS ILLEGAL!  If any money has been exchanged for services, fines, forfeiture of tax exemption or even jail could very well be an option.  In our one day seminars, we don't just discuss the importance of the Music Ministry but also the business aspect.  Many times people complain about the stagnation of their ministry when the truth is, God is keeping you hidden in order to keep you from humiliation and possible jail time because of illegal action, in the name of Lord.  Find out when we have a seminar coming to your area and make it your business to attend.  Make God proud of your ministry in front of the people and on paper.



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