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Music Entertainment

Music Entertainment is one of the more controversial and resistant areas.  Emphatically and unapologetically, these vessels will not do what they do without price.  While prices range from hundreds to tens of thousands, these vessels aspire to more professional venues and platforms than most Music Ministries and certainly Church Music Ministries.  Upon making contact with these artists know that the conversation will center around finance, budgets and the like.

There is much resentment for those of this category.  I believe much of it stems from a lack of knowledge.  I also believe we should educate ourselves.  Here it is, The Songs of Solomon!  It is a book of the bible that to this day theologians still grapple with its canonization.  What is very clear in the book of The Songs of Solomon is the strong affection for the lovers.  It was not a time of WORSHIP TO GOD but rather a musing and introspective search of their relationship.  The word secular is normally associated with the word worldly, which is a negative connotation, but I assure you there is nothing worldly about a marriage that has been joined together under the watchful and protective eye of God.  We must broaden our base knowledge in order to release these "artists" that feel a call to produce and perform what should be classified as wholesome music -- that which entertains, inspires and cultivates healthy relationships.  On a personal level, I have never understood why we are so accommodating for wedding ceremonies and then become resistant during the reception.  ISN'T IT A CELEBRATION OF LOVE? (Remember, the WORD does not ascribe to perverted, crude, lascivious behavior and neither should we.)


So many believers have been miscategorized as "worldly" or unyielding because they seek these musical platforms that are not "church."  There is also another group that is labeled rebellious because they don't or can't fit within the Sunday and ministry paradigms because their creativity and expressions are more naturally or carnally presented.  We must master these areas if we are to hear the Father say, "Well done".  This striving for perfection here is for both the performer in the execution of their gifts and presentation as well as the hearer in understand and appreciating the gifts that God gave to us for the purpose of entertainment.

Find out when we're hosting a seminar in your area and make it your business to attend.  We will walk through the scriptures, talk about the business aspects and help you develop a strategy in building a healthy Christian music business.  



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