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Satan is an ex-son of God, a former member of The Family.  You?   You are the apple of God’s eye!  God allowed Satan to keep some gifts, talents, and spiritual abilities upon his expulsion from THE THRONE ROOM.  You?  You have been blessed with ALL spiritual blessings in heavenly places through Christ Jesus and given power over ALL of Satan’s works.    


For centuries now, Satan has perpetrated two great deceptions. He deceives the world, causing them to believe he does not exist, and the second deception tricks the Church into believing that he is God’s equal.  Lies!  He does exist, but he is nowhere close to God in power, intelligence, or beauty.  He is a created being, out of control, with an expiration date.  You are invited on an odyssey of Biblical proportions as the Church of God rises to take her place in the annals of history as a Protagonist–incapable of being victimized by Satan and his demonic minions anymore.  Jesus stripped him of his power over all humans simply because Adam fell in the Garden and gave Saints the power, right, and privilege of exploiting Satanic Limitations.  


God has ordained you, as a believer, to manage the powers of darkness in this world.  Let Bishop Ed Johnson walk you through some of the Scriptures that expose the weaknesses of Satan and his kingdom.  Let him show you how to exploit those weaknesses, giving you, your family, your church, and your community a tremendous advantage over Satan’s evil empire-THAT WILL SOON BE COMPLETELY DESTROYED.

Satanic Limitation

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    Preparing You For The World To Come

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