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Ed Johnson & The Preparation Superchoir

We call it a superchoir for a few reasons. First and foremost, our mission is to once again place the spotlight on the church choir.  For many decades the church choir was the most visible organization of the church.  It was the place where many believers joined their gifts in unity in singing praises to our God, and in African American churches they seem to literally touch the souls of the congregations; provoking tears and shouts of Hallelujah. 

The second reason we call it a superchoir is because of the stellar roster of members.  Each person is a recording artist or has previously recorded with a choir or group and will be highlighted on future TPS projects; hopefully launching them once again in the gospel music industry spotlight.  Hailing from the city of Houston affords us a great pool to choose from.  

Finally, our goal is to marry songwriters with this behemoth to put out church music that will top the charts.

To become a member of Ed Johnson & TPS, submit an application below.  You must have at least one song.






Preparing You For The World To Come

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