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There is no relationship as unique as the relationship between the pastor and his wife; no relationship on earth has the ability to impact the eternal soul of individuals as these two.  It has been said many times that pastors have many resources in places to help them develop, maintain and grow to effectively serve their congregation.  But where does the pastor's wife go to acquire those tools that are necessary to serve her husband, family and church?  While there is not a specific mention of the pastor's wife in scripture, she can be found in Genesis 2 -- help meet!  Our goal is to give you information and tools to help you help him by being a better help meet.  It is our belief that by identifying polarizing extremes that exist because of ignorance or personality differences, you will be enlightened and given a reason or incentive to go deeper or simply comply with the will of God for your life.


Because many women don't necessarily grow up knowing they will be a pastor's wife, they lack preparation.  We have found that when they are thrust into the position of pastor's wife they have a tendency to duplicate what they have seen or try to serve with good intentions.  Both models are dangerous because they lack prudence.  There is a definite wisdom that all leaders should have when serving the Body of Christ -- directly or indirectly.  We will do our part through seminars and workshops providing you with the information, tools and guidance to jumpstart the process, or continue the transformation and provide a healthy support system for challenging times.



Preparing You For The World To Come

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