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"As every man hath received the gift, even so

minister the same one to another, as good

stewards of the manifold grace of God."

(1 Peter 4:10)


Jesus spoke of a ripe harvest, meaning that there would be instances of an immediate population.  This population must be served in every facet of the word. Often times that means placing someone over segments, of said population, without the necessary "training" needed to continue the process of discipleship after evangelism.  These facilitators should not be the novice that the apostle Paul warned us of, but they should rather be individuals with a heart for the things of God only without the proper training needed to effectively lead.  


Too often pastors are criticized for this action.  Have you ever taken the time to think about the perils of a pastor that does NOT have the proficiencies to instruct in these areas or challenged with working a full-time job -- not having the adequate time to develop lessons, teach and mentor?  IT IS A REAL PLACE! It is also amazing that the individuals that criticize never offer up solutions to the problem!   We, here at Ed Johnson Ministries, want to develop more effective Ministry Leaders to help Sr. Pastors shoulder their responsibility for the flock. 

During our Impact Sessions, we discuss such things the importance of Sr. Leadership as it relates to developing and carrying out a strategy that will complement the Church Ministry and attract others to the department as well as the Church.  We will also discuss:

  • competition vs. complimentary

  • developing a realistic mission statement

  • setting benchmarks

  • vision casting

  • fostering atmosphere

  • goal setting

  • help vs. slaves

  • the importance of a Joshua attitude

  • selecting a staff

  • developing a staff

  • conducting a meeting

  • faithfulness during hostile times

  • what is expected by Sr. Leadership of every Ministry Leader

  • the sacrifices caused by the position and how to stay balanced during the term

  • personal integrity

  • successfully closing a chapter and starting another

  • communication 101, 202 and 303


Contact us if you would like to bring Bishop Ed to your city for this informative,

inspirational, and empowering seminar! 



 Contact us if you would like to bring Bishop Ed to your city for this informative,

inspirational, and empowering seminar! 




Preparing You For The World To Come

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