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Moving your vision from mind to paper to implementation can be a huge challenge for anyone.  We provide assistance to apostles, bishops, senior pastors and ministry principals as they endeavor to fulfill their Kingdom mandates.  We know the focus of most leaders, even during their time erudition, is scripture.  However, if you are to take full advantage of this 21st-century communication juggernaut, staking your place in it seamlessly and professionally, you may need the consulting team of Ed Johnson Ministries.  We are all Christians leaders and entrepreneurs.  We appreciate how sometimes our visions and budgets merge down the road.  Don't let that prevent you from sitting with our staff and letting us help you:

  • develop a mission statement

  • preliminary 21st church scturcture

  • preliminary ministry structure

  • logo creation

  • website creation

  • 501(c)(3) referrals

  • marketing

  • and much, much more.




Preparing You For The World To Come

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