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Dramatic Audio 

Lake Autobiography: the Story of Mario is not a book nor is it a movie. It is a dramatic audio presentation. It is captivating, entertaining, and YES evangelical. Anyone who is confused or curious about the events that will occur in times to come will enjoy this. Mario tells his whole story and we are allowed to experience it with him. That's the advantage of Dramatic Audio Presentations: you get the drama, feel, and effects of a movie but you don't miss out on the inner thoughts and emotions of the characters (which is normally only found in a book because it does not translate well on the big screen). Listen as 17 years old Mario confronts his pastor, parents, teacher, the pit keeper, Jesus, and God Himself. Now for the first time experience Life, Hell, the White throne Judgment, and the Lake of Fire from the view of a teenager.

Coming soon:

Lake Autobiography - The Story of Lucifer



Preparing You For The World To Come

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